Video Surveillance Systems

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Electronic Security offers an extensive line of the most technologically advanced video surveillance systems available today. Superior image quality and virtually limitless data storage allow you to view and manage information effectively . IP video surveillance enables the user to monitor sensitive areas from any Internet connection. Electronic Security will design a video surveillance solution customized to address your unique security and information management needs – and give you the flexibility to cost-effectively enhance your surveillance systems in the future.

Enhance Visibility – Protect Your Business

Electronic Security is capable of providing its customers with enhanced visibility in every aspect of their operations utilizing the following technologies:
IP –based camera systems – For users not yet ready to convert fully to an IP-based camera system, Electronic Security offers IP technology that is capable of bridging the gap between analogue and digital systems, providing maximum flexibility and ease of transition into the latest technologies.

Video analytics - Electronic Security offers its security clients search technologies that enable users to identify significant activity quickly and effectively.

Remote viewing – Electronic Security can provide you with remote-viewing capabilities using IP-based cameras or integrated web-based browser software.

Digital video recorders

Outdoor weather-proof cameras

Infrared, low-light and night vision cameras - High resolution, color or black and white cameras with scalable image size.

Tamper-resistant cameras – Technology is available that helps prevent sabotage by alerting you when a certain percentage of the camera’s view is obscured.

High-speed pan and tilt dome cameras

Motion detectors

Advanced training - Electronic Security’s technicians are provided with rigorous training programs allowing them to keep pace with rapidly changing video surveillance technologies.

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