Understanding Security Challenges in Complex Industries

security challenges

Regarding security, biotech and pharmaceutical companies need typical security systems such as surveillance cameras, access control, and intrusion detection, but they also face more industry-specific issues such as the protection of controlled substances, advanced access control, intellectual property protections, government compliance, and more. Using an inexperienced security partner could prove costly and possibly even dangerous.

Electronic Security understands the complex labyrinth of Federal and State regulations, guidelines, and audit trail requirements facing companies in these fields. For example, we know and work with FDA 21 CFR Part 11, covering standards of electronic records and DEA guidelines for securing controlled substances. We’ve built security solutions in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries for decades.

Some unique security challenges affect the biotech and pharmaceutical industries:

  • Protection and storage of intellectual property or highly-sensitive research materials
  • Safe storage and protection of controlled substances
  • The handling and protection of dangerous materials
  • Compliance with government regulations
  • Insider theft

Video Surveillance

A security system in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries must have a robust, state-of-the-art, integrated video surveillance system. Protecting high-security areas, such as laboratories or storing highly sensitive materials, must be covered via a separate video surveillance system. These systems can also include video analytics to help identify significant issues fast so that users can act quickly and effectively.

Advanced Access control

Pharma and biotech companies must control and protect their facilities and equipment from theft and contamination with heightened access control by restricting access to highly-sensitive areas such as labs, storage facilities, elevators, and factories with smart card readers or biometric technology solutions.

Biotech and Pharmaceutical Security

Electronic Security Corp. of America can also provide systems for visitor management, fire detection, intrusion detection, and monitoring temperature, humidity, or other conditions critical for equipment and production processes. Electronic Security Corp. can also provide maintenance, service, and 24/7 monitoring from our UL-Listed Five Diamond Central Station.

The complex security needs of the biotech and pharmaceutical industries are vast and ever-growing. With over four decades of experience in the security and fire alarm industry, Electronic Security has earned the trust of biotech and pharmaceutical companies across Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia. We provide state-of-the-art technology solutions installed by NICET-certified technicians and peace of mind with our UL-2050, Five Diamond Central Station 24/7 monitoring. Call Electronic Security Corp. of America located at  1-254 Fairview Rd, Woodlyn, PA 19094 to request a free consultation today: 1-800-224-ESCA (3722)

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