Protecting Healthcare Workers in the Field: Strategies and Importance

healthcare workers

Nurses and healthcare workers experience workplace violence at a rate 12 times higher than the rest of the U.S. workforce combined. 75% of all reported workplace violence incidents in the United States each year involve healthcare professionals. How best to support healthcare workers and help protect this vital workforce while keeping them free to do their essential work? Electronic Security has many options to help, including nurse call systems, asset control systems, and more.

Panic / Distress Buttons 

When healthcare workers need help immediately, access to a duress or panic button system will bring aid fast. Whether a panic button is wall mounted or worn by nurses and staff, a distress button system is an effective method to provide safety and quick support to employees and patients in the event of a violent altercation. Alarm buttons are sometimes worn on the body, fixed to name badges, accessible from a workstation, or mounted on the wall. Staff only need to press a button or pull a switch, and security staff or emergency responders are immediately contacted.

Advanced Access Control

A vital component of a security plan in a healthcare facility is a robust access control system restricting access to authorized personnel, using custom components like access cards, biometric technologies, and electronic locks. A healthcare access system must be solid but flexible and provide targeted access to each area, floor, and building to staff, patients, and visitors. An access control system can also manage other important aspects of a healthcare facility, for example, where staff, patients, and visitors are permitted to park.

Video Surveillance with 24/7 Monitoring

A security camera system with professional monitoring protects healthcare workers from violence. A security system with monitoring is not only a deterrent for crime but also allows staff to see who enters if someone leaves their room unexpectedly and to have a record of an incident for law enforcement or insurance purposes. Cameras can monitor patients, staff, and anything of value but are also helpful in tracking infants, dementia and mental health patients. And when you combine a robust surveillance system with monitoring like Electronic Security’s 5-Diamond central station monitoring, you have what it takes to protect healthcare workers.

Electronic Security can design and install a scalable and robust security solution that will help to protect healthcare staff and patients. We have decades of experience with clients, including medical research and development facilities, nursing homes, medical schools, mental health facilities, drug treatment facilities, and more.  

Electronic Security can design and build a security and access system to support and protect healthcare workers so that they can do what they do best, serving their patients. Call Electronic Security Corp. of America located at  1-254 Fairview Rd, Woodlyn, PA 19094  to request a free consultation today: 1-800-224-ESCA (3722)

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