advantages of biometrics

Exploring the Advantages of Biometrics in Commercial Buildings

advantages of biometrics

Providing security to multiple units in a commercial building can be challenging. There are deliveries, guests, and tenants constantly coming and going — it can be a serious challenge. Whether it’s a new building or a system upgrade, biometric technologies can seriously boost any security plan.

Improved Security

One of the primary reasons these newer technologies offer far better security than their traditional counterparts is that a person’s “key” cannot be stolen or transferred to someone else. No more lost or forgotten keycards, no password to remember, just straightforward, safe, and controlled access with the scan of an eye, the press of a finger, or the sound of a person’s voice. And biometric technologies are much less susceptible to fraud and identity theft.

Ease of Access

For the end user, the convenience of biometric access technology is unparalleled. And because cards and fobs can be lost, stolen, or copied, they are a serious security risk. But with biometric technologies, your key is you. So never again will a tenant or employee forget their key or get locked out. Furthermore, biometrics add an attractive, upscale, futuristic touch that makes a building safer and increases its “cool factor.”

Commercial Access Control in PA

Biometric technologies add an unmatched level of security and protection for commercial buildings. So, if you’re serious about security, consider adding biometric technologies as a robust security measure. They will strengthen security and improve the tenant’s ease of access.

Are you interested in learning more about these powerful and exciting new tools? Electronic Security Corp of America can design biometric solutions to your commercial building. Let Electronic Security provide you with a wide range of biometric solutions, including fingerprint, voice activation, and retinal scanning devices. We provide state-of-the-art technology solutions installed by NICET-certified technicians and peace of mind with our UL-2050, Five Diamond Central Station 24/7 monitoring. 


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